Water Blobs!

We spent Sunday celebrating my nephew’s 6th birthday!!


Kai really wanted a harmonica.  Whoa.  Not a good idea.  My ears are still ringing.  And Ken’s smile?  Hilarious.

I thought it would be fun to do a little DIY gift for him and his brother.  Of course I used Pinterest to find this tutorial on how to make water blobs!  I ordered this stuff from Amazon…


And that’s when George became concerned that I was planning  to make a Dexter-like kill room.  He’s now on his best behavior so that worked out perfectly for me!

Because the plastic is 10 ft. by 25 ft, I thought it would be easiest to make the water blobs 2 ft. x 5 ft.


Biff really wanted to help.


It was pretty easy to cut straight across the two foot mark so I didn’t have to measure that much.  As I’ve stated before, measuring is against my (completely made-up and fake) religion.


I ended up with two sections that were 2 ft. by 10 ft.  I folded them in half and ironed the seams, leaving a hole to fill the water blobs with water and put the little sea creatures inside.



Biff thought the ironing part was pretty f*cking boring.

When I got to Kai’s house yesterday, I had the kids put all the sea creatures in the blobs, added food coloring, and filled them up with water.  The kids had a good time playing with the hose and putting everything together.  Oh and did I mention it was super inexpensive?  So that’s cool too.

Kai refused to pose for pictures so I recruited Kennedy and Kaz to be my models.



They were excellent models!


Happy Birthday, Kai!  I promise he was actually excited about his cake, the party, and all of his presents…even though it doesn’t really look like it.

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