About Time for a Discount

And not just any discount.  A SENIOR CITIZEN’S DISCOUNT!!! Yes, that’s right, George turns 55 today!  Holy sh*t.  I’m married to a senior citizen.


At least he’ll get discounts for movies and at restaurants and grocery stores…this is so exciting.  It’s almost as if it’s my birthday, but way better because I’m not 55.

Happy Birthday, G!  Thanks for being so much older than me.

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4 Responses to About Time for a Discount

  1. Steve says:

    Happy Birthday, G!!! Enjoy that senior discount while you can; once they see how much food you can pack in, those discounts are gonna start disappearing!

  2. Gernot.Zoeller mobile says:

    Please forward my best wishes!

    Happy birthday George!

    Guess you’re celebrating the day together with your family. Greetings to all of them Cheers Gernot

    Von meinem Mobile gesendet

  3. Kristen W. says:

    Long time lurker – love keeping up with your adventures with the old man, G and family via your blog – happy birthday, George! Keep up the good work, CatasTrophy Wife!

  4. SusieQ says:

    Ha ha! Happy Birthday, George! My hubby, too, is a bit older (10 yrs) – so I get to drag him along to get the senior discounts, which he hates! George is quite a handsome hunk of burning love!! Love your blog, too!

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