(Not) Being Productive

Remember when I wrote about the things I loved about having a part-time job?  And one of those things was that I was so much more productive?  Well, I just realized that I have become so much less productive now that I have more free time.  And yes, it took me about a year to realize that.  Whoa.  Apparently, I’d rather take a nap or watch 150 hours of tv than do anything else.

After discovering that I’m basically doing nothing with my life, I’m trying to be a little more productive.  Like finally putting together the photo books from our trip to Europe.  I finished one for Portugal and Barcelona, but I still have to do one for Paris and another for Venice and Rome.  Oh yeah, and then I need to get started on our Australia and New Zealand trip.   I need to stop f*cking around and start finish them.

I managed to do one thing this week, though.  Fred Meyer has a huge flower sale one day a year and it’s happening tomorrow!  After my mom sold her house last year, she gave me a bunch of her flower pots (filled with flowers).  I now need to fill them with more flowers.  As I was getting everything ready, I noticed our pots weren’t looking that great.


As you can see, they are a bit sun bleached.  I’m not a big fan of the clay colored ones either.  Instead of buying all new pots, I just decided to spray paint them black.


Less than $8 for spray paint and they look brand new.  I can’t wait to fill them with flowers.

This has nothing to do with being productive, but are you subscribing to Lenny?  It’s a free newsletter that’s issued twice a week.  It’s put together by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner and I love it.  Some articles are written by celebrities and so many different topics are covered.  I read one of my favorites this week.  It’s called “Stop Telling Me I Should Have Kids” and it’s written by Joy Bryant.  It’s funny and so accurate.  Fortunately, I’ve always been pretty open with people about my desire NOT to have kids so I never really felt too much pressure from anyone.  It also helps that my siblings reproduced so we have enough monsters to chase around.  Thanks Em and Jeff!

Speaking of chasing monsters, we spent a few hours on Sunday with this lady:


Her jumper/romper thing is too adorable.  She was also wearing pearls and “gorgeous” shoes.  Despite all of my sister’s attempts to make Kennedy a tomboy, she appears to be a girly-girl.  And she loves to compliment me on my nail polish.  Obviously, she has good taste.

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1 Response to (Not) Being Productive

  1. Tonie Ogimachi says:

    Hi Marni,

    As I’ve said before, I love your blog. I see a lot of Uncle George (your grandfather, I mean) and your dad in you. Thanks for the Lenny link. It’s another one of your posts that really resonates with me. Shawn and I did not have kids, either. For us, that was a decision made more by nature than anything else. Now that I’m 54 years old, I still have no regrets about that. Over a quarter of a century of teaching kids of all ages has been challenging enough. However, I get to send them home after 3rd or 4th period, or at around 2:45, back hen I was teaching elementary school. I also get to wish them well every June, when they graduate. Some years later, I’ll run into a few of them doing great things as adults. So that’s all good. But I never have that “wistful feeling” that everyone said I was going to have. Mother Nature always seems to have my back ;).

    I like belonging to the Auntie’s Club. I can tell that you’re good at it, and that you even enjoy it quite a bit. It’s a great gig! You’re doing plenty of good things in life. Living it and being happy is the most important thing. You don’t need me to tell you that.

    I have an eye on “retirement” from teaching before too long. I want more time to play my harps, cook good stuff, go for hikes, hang out with interesting people, and catch more fish. I’m also looking forward to just sitting on my lanai and supervising the clouds. We have just put our Santa Cruz house on the market, with the intent of “taking the money and running.” We have a great place in Hawaii. I’m even thinking of doing something like pizza delivery over there, but we’ll see. If you and George ever want to head out for an adventure on the Big Island, you would be so very welcome at our house there. Shawn still remembers you and Emily as those cute giggly girls at Saleshan. We were the hippies on our bikes. Frankly, I don’t think we’ve changed all that much, except for a substantial combined weight increase ;). I’m a teacher on Spring Break right now, and I realize how good it is to have time to just take a minute to say hello. And I really miss Fred Meyer!

    Please extend our greetings to your Mom and Tim, to your Dad, your Uncles, and everyone else in your ohana, along with many blessings to you and George. Thanks so much for your irreverent writing. It reminds me how lucky I am.

    With fondest aloha, Tonie


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