The Pictures We Bought

As most of you probably know, cruises usually have formal nights.  We don’t get dressed up that often so it was something we looked forward to while we were on vacation last month.   I didn’t want to bring a ton of clothes, so I only brought one dress (the same dress I wore in Paris) and George brought a suit.  We posed for pictures around the boat and we couldn’t resist buying some of them even though they cost $1 million.


(Remember when we took these “glamour shots” on our last cruise?  Whoa.)

When the photographers on the boat take your picture, Celebrity shows some of the pictures on your tv in your room.  We spent hours staring at ourselves.  Not really.  Kind of.




We are so cool.

Every time we got off the boat, photographers were ready to take pictures and there was usually someone or something to pose with.  George and I always posed with the person in a costume.  And we spent a million dollars on those dumb pictures too.



Can you tell we’re tourists?  Yeah, we’re not very good at blending in.  Ever.

The last picture we bought was when we went to the Auckland Sky Tower.  We posed in front of a green screen and then they gave us different options for backgrounds.


We chose the night background, even though we were there in the middle of day.  I think it looks pretty good…and it was only about $6.50.  While we took over 5,000 pictures with our own camera, I’m happy we bought these pictures too.

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