Since We’ve Been Home

We’ve been home for a few weeks now and life seems to be getting back to normal.  Working, sleeping (took me quite a few days to sleep through the night), and family-ing.  Yep, there’s always family.

The weekend after we got home, I helped host a baby shower for a friend.  I posted this picture on Instagram and it caused a bit of confusion.


No, I was not announcing my pregnancy…I think I was just really excited about NOT being knocked up.

Last weekend we were finally invited back to Steph and Shay’s house after about a 4 year hiatus.  Yes, they invited us over for the Super Bowl!  I think Mady was 1 the last time we saw her.  She asked us if we knew her when she was a baby.  Umm, yes.


One of Mady’s friends said this to George: “George, your skin is black!”  Yes, it is.  Kids, man.  Kids.

And the food.  OMG, the food.  I thought G was going to explode.


That is a chili cheese dog.  The hot dog is wrapped in bacon.  It was massive.

Steph also introduced me to the Bitmoji app.  It’s totally dumb and I love it.  You can make an emoji that looks like you but is skinnier with bigger boobs and then your emoji is put into different scenes.  These are a couple of my  favorites:



And then you can text them to your friends/enemies/frenemies.  It’s pretty fun.

I have a four day weekend this weekend, but not too many plans.  Making cupcakes, having dinner with friends, and maybe a food prep day with my sister.  I actually f*cking hate the Valentine’s Day holiday so I never make any plans.  George probably loves the holiday but I don’t care.  I will probably just hang out with this monster:


Max, the polar bear dog, will be staying with us for the next week!  I’m dying to get a dog so it will be nice to have one around for a bit.  It will also be fun to see if Bing tries to hunt him.

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