Just a bit about the boat

We took a two week cruise on the Celebrity Solstice from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand.


It is a big boat!  And it even has a lawn club.


It was beautiful up there.  Sometimes a bit windy, but the views were incredible.  And the grass is REAL!




When we got on the ship, it was still decorated for the holidays!


Our room was on the 8th floor.


I took that picture right when we got on the boat and I was still out of my mind from all the flying and touring in Hong Kong.  I obviously never checked the photo because it sucks more than usual.  If you want to see more of the room, Celebrity has pictures on their website.  We loved having a balcony off our room, it just made the room seem so much larger.  It wasn’t a bad view either.


Whenever we had a day at sea, we spent most of it at the pool.



While G sat in the sun, I sat in one of those teepee like things and covered myself in a million towels.  It worked perfectly!


I also went to a ton of glass blowing shows.  Glass blowing is fascinating.

Oh and we ate.  A lot.  Wow.  Every night at dinner, G ordered two appetizers, two entrees and two desserts.  And he always tried things that he’d never order at home.  Here’s a picture of his crocodile entree:


Almost every night we went to a show.  There were singers, a magician, dancers, a violinist, and Celebrity has their own cast that put on a couple of shows, too.  It was fun to have something different to do every night.

These photos are from a “surprise” performance in the Grand Foyer one night.  This couple is part of Celebrity’s cast so we got to see them perform a few times during the cruise…very cool.

G liked taking pictures with the dancers:


Needless to say, we really loved the cruise and the ship and it wasn’t a bad place to stay for a couple of weeks.


And this sunset…

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