Merry and Bright

I’m happy to report that I’m sitting here enjoying a candy cane and coffee.  And I’m ALL ALONE!  Yes, I love it.  We celebrated last night (Christmas Eve) and G is working today until 4:30 pm.  While we had a really great night with the family, I love that we have no plans today.

I’m watching The Holiday right now and we’re going to watch Love Actually tonight.  I usually watch that movie every year, but I just found out that dumb G has never seen it!  So, it’s time.  He’s not that excited about it, but I don’t care.  That’s the Christmas spirit, right?!

I’ve been meaning to show you a picture of our beautifully decorated house!


George did a splendid job.  Speaking of decorating, I’ve recently become a big fan of streamers!  They are so fun and super inexpensive.  I hung some up for our gathering last night and I think they’re so festive!


That’s what they look like from outside the house…and this is what they look like with a creepy bastard George staring at you from inside the house:


Bing is not as happy about streamer situation.


Anyway, a few of us had to work yesterday and no one really felt like cooking anything so we decided to order take-out!  While we all enjoyed making a big feast for Thanksgiving, we were happy to have one less thing on our to-do lists for Christmas.  In order to switch things up a bit, we ordered Thai.  Such a good idea.



We had salad rolls, pad thai, curry, spicy eggplant, and more!  It was all so good and everyone really loved it.

After filling our plates, the real fun began because I brought out our selfie stick.  I got one a few months ago (only because it was $2) and wanted to try it out.  Apparently, I need to practice a bit because the pictures are just ridiculous.

File_003 (7)

The kids were excited about the selfie stick:


Kai really wanted to be in the picture…I don’t know wtf I’m doing.

Instead of trying to blend in with everyone, I ended up right in the front of the dumb group picture.

File_008 (1)

And Elijah is hidden by Kai.  Yeah, I need practice.  Oh and little Kennedy missed the group picture because she was napping.  My sister ended up having to wake Kennedy up because she didn’t want her to be up all night.  Kennedy was not happy about the situation.

File_007 (3)

But don’t worry, once we started opening some gifts, all was right in Kennedy’s little world.

File_003 (4)

File_006 (2)

The boys got some lightsabers that they were so damn excited about and a couple of us almost lost an eye.

File_005 (3)

Ken decided that we needed to open all the presents under the tree and I’m a pushover so I let her.  I had a present under the tree from a friend who lives out of town.  I knew the gift would likely not be kid appropriate, but I let her open it anyway.  And she even agreed to model the gift for me!

File_002 (7)

Notice anything about her shoes?


Have you ever seen anything more perfect?!  And festive?  Me neither.

On that note, I’m outta here.  Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus, Happy Everything!

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2 Responses to Merry and Bright

  1. Happy holidays! Love the slippers. Must, must, must get a pair. Cheers and enjoy your alone time.

  2. Merry Christmas! I would have loved an hour of me time today! ☺️ Happy New Year, hope we see you soon!

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