Random Stuff

I came across this picture the other day:


That’s Jack on the right when he was about a year old.  Just a baby.  And that’s my sister Dad’s dog, Star, on the left.  I call her Starina Katrina.  She likes it.  They are both so young in this picture.  I love dogs.  And I’m dying to get another one.  Actually two.  Maybe next spring or summer.

In other news, Kennedy wants to be just like her Auntie Marni.  She saw me with some dark nail polish on last week and did this next night:


She’s also started swearing.  Her parents are doing their best to get her to stop.  They told her that only Mommy and Daddy are allowed to say those words.  She responded with “Auntie Marni says them too.”  Whoops.  So now they tell her that only Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Marni are allowed to say those words.  I’m such a good role model.

I went to a harp thing last weekend and we were encouraged to dress up in costumes.  I did not want to be there and I didn’t dress up.  My friend, Misty, made me suggested that I at least wear a flower crown.  Fine.  And then I took one of my best selfies ever.


Go. me.

And do you see that mole on my neck?  The dark one.  I know I have 1,000 moles, but Kennedy likes to point at that one and say “black.”  Thanks, Ken.

George and I had a few friends over to enjoy the fire pit.  I love fire.  And I can’t keep myself from playing with it.


Also, G looks pretty f*cking creepy in that picture.  Oh wait, he is pretty f*cking creepy.  Never mind.

Finally, I bought some new work socks.


Best purchase ever.

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1 Response to Random Stuff

  1. OMG, those socks are the best thing ever. Thanks so much for posting–now I must get a pair. P.S. Kennedy is too cute. Cheers and take care.

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