Camp Dakota – Part Three

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we all headed out to tackle the rock climbing wall.


G thinks every picture is about him so it’s impossible to take a picture of a group of people if George sees you.  You can see the trail of people behind George, that’s the rest of our group.  Just FYI, it takes a long time to get 17 people from one place to another at approximately the same time.  It’s a lot like herding cats.  Fortunately, we had one of the cats contained.


That’s our friend, Jeni, on the right.  Jeni, her husband, Jon, and their daughter, Sylvia, joined us for this camping adventure.  Apparently, they like to be surrounded by complete chaos all the time.

The kids were the first ones to start climbing!


That’s Elijah in the orange and Jo in the blue.  They pretty much stayed on the wall for an entire hour.   Almost everyone in our group (that was old enough) attempted the wall at least once.  I wasn’t really into climbing so I just cheered everyone on.

Even dumb G made it to the top!


Here’s Jon:


And Tomoe, Yuko and Sylvia:


After staring at everyone’s butts watching those idiots for a while, I joined my sister and the younger kids at the playground.

Little Sui convinced me that my brother and Tomoe need to have another kid:


She is just adorable…even when she was completely terrified by all of us.

Kai and George were pretty cute too:


After the climbing wall and playground activities, we all went back to have lunch and take naps.  The adults needed the naps just as much as the kids.

After naps, we went out to get ready for zip lining!


Yuko, George, Jo, Elijah, Jeff, Jon, Sylvia, Emily and I all went zip lining.  I thought we looked pretty cool in our outfits and it was really funny to watch the guys get the harnesses tightened.  Let’s just say that I’m very happy that I don’t wear my private parts on the outside of my body.


I’d never been zip lining, but I’ve gone skydiving a couple of time and heights don’t bother me.  I thought it was a ton of fun and I’d totally go again.  Camp Dakota has two different zip lining options: a six line course and a ten line course.  We did the six line course and it took us about an hour.  We had great weather and our zip lining guides were great.

We had to climb a ladder to get to the first platform:


Once we were all up there, one of the guides “flew” over the next platform:


The platforms weren’t that big so we had no choice but to get close to one another.



Jo looks terrified in that picture, but he was so excited to zip line.  The boy has no fear.  His parents are in trouble.

Well, I guess not everyone was squished together…


Before we knew it, we were jumping off the platform:



We got to cross a bridge from one platform to the next:



As we got more comfortable, the guides had us do different things as we zip lined.  “Flying” was one of my favorites:

DSC06147a  And here’s G:

DSC06133aIt is almost impossible for him NOT to wave every time a f*cking picture is taken.  WTF?!

Zip lining was really so much fun.  On Sunday, a bunch of people took the kids to the ropes course and the tomahawk throwing and they said the kids really enjoyed it.  There are so many activities at Camp Dakota I don’t know how you’d do everything in only a couple of days.  It’s pretty incredible.

As much as I don’t really like camping, we hope to go back next year!

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