Camp Dakota – Part Two

After everyone finally arrived on Friday night, we all met up at my brother’s yurt.  They already had the woodstove going and they were roasting marshmallows.


That’s my nephew, Kai, on the right and his cousin, Jo, on the left.  My sister-in-law’s sister’s family was visiting from Japan.  Here’s G with Jo’s mom (Tomoe’s sister), Yuko.


Kaz spent most of the night climbing the bunk beds with his backpack on.  I think he was just trying to get away from all of us.



See how happy he is?  Yeah.


Jamison, Kai and Emily.

Jeff thought it would be funny to have Kennedy hold his beer:


Kennedy thinks he is a moron.  She is very smart.  She also asked me to take a picture of her eating a marshmallow.



The older kids spent most of their time at the air hockey table:


Obviously, it was a very intense game.

After eating all their food chatting for a bit, we called it a night so we could rest up for a full day of activities on Saturday.

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