Early Morning Hours

So I’m here, up way too early on a Sunday.  For whatever reason, George’s boss likes to schedule him to begin work at 6:00 am on the weekend.  For normal people, a 6:00 am start time wouldn’t be too crazy.  But G isn’t normal.  And it takes him two f*cking hours to get ready.  Every.Single.Day.  So he was up at 4:00 am to get ready this morning.   He watches football and shaves his head and face for an hour.  It’s so annoying.  And sometimes makes me want to burn down the house.  But what can I expect when he took pictures like this when he was a kid?


The shorts are longer (thank god), but pretty much everything else is the same.


He’s too cool for school.  Anyway, he was up early to get his princess on and head out to work.  And then I couldn’t sleep.

I’m now watching Flea Market Flip, wishing I were more creative and resourceful…and less lazy.  But I’m still in bed so it’s not really that motivating.  I’m just thinking that I should be doing something.

Something I can’t stop thinking about?  OUR NEXT VACATION!  Which can’t come soon enough.   In January, we’re heading to Australia and New Zealand…with a quick stop in Hong Kong on the way over.  I basically spend every minute reading and planning and reading and planning more.  We’re taking a cruise out of Sydney so that’s added an entirely different kind of planning…excursion planning!  We’ve cruised before, but not outside of Mexico and the Bahamas.

We don’t know if we’ll ever make it back to that Australia or New Zealand so we’re trying to see as much as possible.  I basically spend every extra minute  on Cruise Critic reading forums, making private tour plans with other cruisers, learning so much about the ship and getting tips about cruising!  We are also staying in Sydney for a few days after the cruise to see the city so there’s tours and tickets and hotels to book there too!  I’m not complaining, though, I think planning the trip is almost as much fun as actually taking the trip.  And I get more excited about it every day.

Oh and you know how I quit my super serious part-time job?


Well, I’ve kind of been working there every once in a while.  I know!  Just a few days here and there when they are short a delivery driver.  I actually like just filling in!  It’s so much better than having a set schedule and I can always say I don’t want to work.  Although, when I have to mop at the end of the night, I usually wish I’d said I couldn’t work.  Oh well.  George is happy to eat my “crew meal” every night when I get home and I don’t mind having a bit of extra money.

So that’s it from here this early morning…although, I guess it’s not that early anymore.  I need to plan when I’m going to take a nap and get ready to deliver some pizzas tonight.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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