More Family Time!

I’m pretty sure we only have family time these days.  So much family time.  But, like Martha Stewart says,  it’s a good thing.  We invited about 1,000 20 people over on Saturday.


You probably recognize most of the people in that picture, but it’s been a really long time since we’ve gotten together with my step-sister, Laura, and her family and my step-brother, Ryan, and his wife, Angela.

George, Laura and Jamison:


Hart and George:


Hart wanted me to disclose that he biked 1,000 miles on the way over to our house.  I’m not quite sure it was 1,000 miles, but Angela, Ryan and Hart rode their bikes 3-4 hours from Vancouver, Washington to our house.  THEY ARE CRAZY!  And apparently they like riding bikes.  Weirdos.

It took a while for the kids to warm up to each other, but having the trampoline helped a bit:


Kaz was doing pretty well, until Natalie got on top of him.

DSC_0568That kid cracks me up.

Ken loved playing with Natalie.


And she even agreed to take a picture with George.


(George’s arm isn’t that big in real life, btw. What a monster.)


She’s just getting too old.

And I can’t stop lightening my hair.


I may need an intervention soon.  I’ll keep you posted.

We had the pool up and ready for everyone, but I didn’t take any pictures when the little kids were in it.  Dumb.  Toya was pretty smart and enjoyed it without a bunch of @ssholes children splashing her.



Per usual, we had a ton of food and the kids loved the cookies the most.  Kennedy was pressing her face against the plastic while eating a cookie.  


No shame to her game.

Ryan and Angela were very popular with the kids…especially when they brought out a phone.  What in the sh!t did we do before smart phones?!



It was really great to get together with everyone!

George is waiting for me to post this and I told him I didn’t what to say to end the post.  He told me to write “bye bitches.”

Sounds good to me.


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