A Flashback

Nine years ago today, G and I tied the knot!  I can’t believe it.  I was 26 and George was 45…I don’t think any of us thought we’d still be married or alive at 35 and 54.  Wow.  And because I know all of you love looking at wedding photos…here are some of my favorites!


I like the next one because you can’t really tell which guy is the groom…


Just a little creepy.

My beautiful bridesmaids:


Em always knows how to make me laugh.  And she tells a good story.


I’m happy to say that I still love my dress!



We had a fun night.


And the only thing that’s changed…

Marni and George print res-109

is my hair color!

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3 Responses to A Flashback

  1. Tonie Ogimachi says:

    Congratulations! Love seeing these photos again! If you two ever want to take a vacation to Hawaii Island (the “real” Hawaii, not the Waikiki Beach kind), let me know. I’ll send you directions to our house.

    Much aloha to you both, Tonie http://www.ogimachi.net

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