A Graduation!

On Friday, a bunch of us attended my brother-in-law’s graduation.  Considering I can barely get dressed and work in the same day, it’s pretty impressive that he’s been able to get his bachelor’s degree while working full-time and raising a billion kids family.



My Dad and Jamison’s Mom flew in for the ceremony, too!


All of us that weren’t working showed up to embarrass Jamison and behave like monsters clap, scream, yell and cheer for him.  I know he loved it.


George was working so I hung out with my crazy best friend…



She was so proud of her dad that she pointed at him throughout the ceremony and whispered (she doesn’t know how to whisper, btw) “THAT’S MY DADDY!

It was adorable.  Congratulations Jamison, you deserve it!

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  1. Your hair looks really pretty! ☺️

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