We had everyone over for s’mores last night and used our fire pit for the very first time!


My Mom came over early and made a fire so big that I thought we’d burn down the neighborhood.  Fortunately, it calmed down a bit before everyone else got here.  Wow.

We had a mix of healthy food and s’mores makings!


I really love my white serving bowls, btw.

The fruit bowl was actually filled to the very top, but the kids went crazy for it as soon as I set it out!



Kai and Kaz just got back from spending a month in Japan so it was a lot fun to hang out with them again.

To distract the kids from the huge bowl of sugar, Jamison gave them BUBBLES!  I had no idea this would be such a hit.




Pure joy!

And then the kids got to make s’mores!



It’s safe to give three kids, under the age of four, pointy sticks to play with fire, right?  Okay, good.  BTW, Kennedy picked out her shoes to go with that outfit.  Despite my sister’s best efforts to make her a tomboy, she seems to be leaning a little to the girly side of things.  Ha ha!!  Can’t wait to have a princess party for her 3rd birthday.  Too funny.

Per usual, I didn’t take any pictures of the adults at the party (we’re boring and/or hideous), but here’s a picture from Thursday night when George and I took Kennedy to the park.


Yep, G is still wearing his jorts…sexy.  And Kennedy loves swinging with George.  She prefers that I push her.  Thanks Ken.

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