A Bedroom Makeover

Okay, this is a little embarrassing.  G and I have been married for almost 9 years (together for 12) and we’ve never had a real, grown-up bedroom.  Here’s a before picture:


Our bed was on a frame that was a bit too big.  You can’t tell from this picture, but it was one of those metal frames.  It stuck out from the end of the bed.   In the approximate 9 years we had the frame, I learned to walk around  it.  George did not.  He covered the ends of the frame in duct tape so that he wouldn’t get so banged up when he continued to run his shins into it.  Sexy.

Our nightstands were actually wood tv trays covered in a red/maroon cover.  I’ve hated them for years.  It doesn’t help that our room is not very big and there’s only one window.  The “builder’s beige” paint on the wall made it feel like a cave.  And the same color paint is on all the walls in the house.  Sad.

Anyway, after painting and getting new furniture, here’s what we have today:


I should probably take a better picture, but I’m too lazy.  I promise it looks so.much.better.  We bought the bed first.  I wanted a bed that I could be happy with for a very long time.  Something simple. I knew I wanted a much lighter room (something very close to white) so I thought a darker bed would look nice.  After we bought the bed, I had to start painting.  The bed was going to take a few weeks to arrive and I wanted to have the bedroom painted before the bed arrived.  Well, that didn’t quite work out, but I did manage to get the wall behind the bed painted before the bed arrived.  Go me.

After I finished painting, I found nightstands and lamps.  Ikea had a sale on both the nightstands and the lamps ($14.99!) and that worked perfectly for us.  I’m still looking for new bedding, but so far, so good.

Bing was really happy we got rid of our box springs:


Well, I guess he’s happy we put them in the backyard…so classy.  He now has a perfect view of the backyard where he can hunt for cats to fight.

The good news: I love our bedroom.

The bad news: I’m going to paint our entire house now.

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