G and I spent the weekend in Seattle eating a f*ckton of food visiting with our good friends, Joy and Matt. They have two kids, Mia and Ryan.  Ryan totally hated us, which was really funny.
Thankfully, Mia loved us!!


Or she was good at pretending.  Thanks Mia!

While we were in Seattle, I was dying to see our other friends’ twins!! I have a crazy obsession with twins. I just love them and think they’re totally weird and cool. I don’t want to have kids, but if I did, I’d really hope for twins.  I know, I’m an idiot.  So…I was so happy to meet my new best friends Jemma and Zoe!


Jemma and Zoe are nine months old and they are both super happy, adorable girls. And they weren’t scared of us at all!  It took all my self control not to steal those kids from Nikki and Zach.  I LOVE TWINS!

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1 Response to TWINS!!

  1. Always great to see you and G!!! The girls loved visiting with you and I think they were fascinated with Ryan! Hope we’ll see you again soon! Xoxox

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