Sewing Project

Now that I’m not working as much I’ve had some time to actually get some sh*t done!  First, I attempted a little sewing.  I wanted to put something on our chairs so Bing’s hair wouldn’t get all over them.  I started with some memory foam:


I thought it would be easy to make a cushion that we could remove whenever we had people over to the house.  Good idea, right?  So then I found some fabric:


I cut out enough rectangles to make two cushions.  I didn’t measure anything because I hate measuring.  I just put the memory foam on the fabric and cut around it.  Brilliant.

I sewed all the little patches together AND IT WORKED!!!


And Bing loves it, too!


I don’t think I’ll be sewing my own clothes any time soon, but I’m pretty much an expert at sewing almost very straight lines.

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