The best part of my day…

I did about a billion things today.  I crossed a few big things off the to-do list, didn’t quit my day job and took the cat to the vet.  For the billionth time.  Yes, Bing’s still in the cone of shame.  Well, he’s supposed to be.  But he was driving me crazy so I took the cone off (don’t tell the vet).  I am a bad parent.  I’m not letting that @sshole go outside, though.  Even if he claws at the door at 4:00 am…every.single.f*cking.morning.

Sorry, I got side-tracked.  Here’s the thing.  I accomplished a lot today.  But the best part?


Finally passing level 402 (and immediately passing level 403) in Candy Crush.  Yes, I’m a loser.  But it’s just been that kind of day.

The craziest news?  I’ve been working as a pizza delivery driver for an entire year!  I honestly can’t believe it.

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