Cut It Off

Let’s see…I’ve been working and working and sleeping and family-ing and whatever.  So, pretty boring.  But then…I cut my hair off!

It started out like this:


The picture is horrible, but the color was pretty faded and I had a lot of grow-out.  Also, the very end of the ombre I did a couple of years ago was still on the ends and it was very, very long.

Well, my hair ended up like this:


Fresh color, and much, much shorter.  I’d still like to cut it really, really short, but I’m not that brave…yet.  To be continued.

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6 Responses to Cut It Off

  1. Love it! P.S. I especially love your glasses.

  2. Beautiful! You could totally go shorter and pull it off!

  3. gsdmom1995 says:

    Looks really cute. Come on and go shorter, you’ll love it.

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