Happy Thanksgiving!!

George worked until 3:30 pm on Thanksgiving so we had a later-than-usual Thanksgiving. But because that idiot wasn’t bothering me all morning, I had time to set up our tree!


And the salt ornaments I made last year are still good!  That saved me about 75 3 hours

After G finished working, we drove to my mom’s  house for dinner.  Dinner was great and completely crazy.  All those kids running around like monsters angels is exhausting.  After dinner, we posed for pictures. It took about us about 100 attempts…this one was the best.


Yes, Em’s family all wore flannel.  Kai and Kaz wore flannel too (not planned).  G wore fluorescent green Seahawks t-shirt, but I made him take it off for the picture.  Thankfully, he had that black tank underneath. Although, a family picture with a half-naked G would have been a more accurate reflection of him.  Maybe for our next holiday card.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Good looking family!! Love your tree!!

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