A Bunch of Birthdays

My sister’s family has three birthdays in the same effing week!  And we celebrated them all yesterday.  As you may remember, Kennedy ruined arrived on my sister’s birthday two years ago, on November 20th.  Elijah, my sister’s step-son, was born on November 25th.  It just makes sense to have one major clusterf*ck of a birthday party.

These fools were game to party:


As you can tell, Kennedy was pretty happy about the whole thing.

ks dress

Is it just me or is she adorable?!  And her personality is hilarious.  She’s just like my sister: loud and not scared of anything.  At one point, she was standing in her high chair, singing (which sounds a lot like yelling) to everyone.

Of course we had to have three cakes:

Ks birthday

And the best part of the day was when Kennedy called George over to have their picture taken together.


And that was before she had any cake.

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1 Response to A Bunch of Birthdays

  1. I love Kennedy! I love the way she’s holding her purse, like an old lady going to church. She is adorable.

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