Minor Mishap in Paris

Let’s take a trip to Paris today!  I love Paris.


When we planned our trip to Europe, we tried to save as much money as possible.  We still spent a billion $$, but I think we saved a bunch as well.  To reduce our lodging costs in Paris, we decided to rent an apartment through AirBNB.  Best decision ever.  We also rented apartments in Venice and Rome and I think we got some pretty good deals!

In Paris, I looked for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment near public transportation.  Oh and I wanted to make sure we had an elevator because my mom and Tim were joining us and I wanted to make it as easy as possible on them.  Fortunately, we found an incredible place within walking distance of Sacre Couer.


We were on the second floor (which is the third floor to us dumb Americans):


Hi George.


It’s on a tree-lined street with tons of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and grocery stores nearby.


And, on a couple of nights, we saw a dog that looked just like Max enjoying the beautiful weather and outdoor seating at the restaurants.


So, G and I arrived the night before my mom and Tim flew in.  We met my mom and Tim at the airport, but we didn’t take any pictures because…well, my mom looked like death (sorry mom).  She got incredibly sick on the flight over and I wasn’t even sure we’d make it to the apartment.  Great.

Fortunately, Tim was still in good spirits and we managed to get everyone (and their luggage) onto the train and back to the apartment.  When we got to the apartment, mom got into the elevator with her suitcase and I ran up the stairs to meet her.  We didn’t ride together because the elevator was really damn small.  It was probably  12 inches deep and maybe three feet wide.  I met mom upstairs and helped her get settled in.  She felt horrible, but was so thrilled to see her nice room!


She loved the curved walls and doors throughout the apartment.


The apartment has floor to ceiling french doors throughout and a wrap around balcony.  There was so much natural light…



And so much space.  The kitchen had everything we needed and more french doors!


Sorry, I got a little sidetracked.  We just really loved the apartment!

Back to the minor mishap.  I was helping my mom get settled in when I heard G yelling from downstairs.  Yes, from three floors below.  He yelled, “Marni!!  Marni!!  Call the owner, Tim’s stuck in the elevator!!”  My reaction:  umm, WHAT THE F*CKING F*CK?!!!  I tried to call the owner, but the phone wouldn’t stay charged long enough to place a call.  Once I told G I couldn’t get through on the phone, he (being a very loud American) started banging on random doors in the building.  One unlucky man answered his door and G somehow communicated to him that Tim was stuck in the elevator.  The guy called the handyman for us!!!

Once my mom was settled, I ran ran downstairs to see what the hell happened.  Then I ran upstairs to get a camera.  You’re welcome.


Yes, that’s Tim in the elevator with his suitcase.  And no, those two items didn’t exceed the weight limit of the elevator.  Apparently, the elevator went up 18 inches and stopped.


Those are G’s feet in the picture.  He sat and talked to Tim while waiting for the handyman.  At least the doors were glass so we could see and talk to him.  Tim said it started to get pretty hot in the elevator.  Scary.

The good news is that the handyman arrived within 20 minutes and no one got stuck in it the rest of the trip!!  We never found out why it stopped, but I think it was Paris’ way of saying “Welcome to Paris, Tim!!”

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