Scenes From Salema

I don’t know if you’re tired of reading about our trip to Europe, but I have so much more to share.  And I finally have some time.  I had surgery (don’t worry, all is well) a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been released by my doctor to return to work as a pizza delivery driver…so I only have one job right now!!!  Totally party time.

I know it’s only been a month and a half since we got back from vacation, but I want to go again.  Especially to Salema.  I miss it.  We barely did anything while we were there.

Every day, we sat on the beach.


I stayed under the umbrella and G sat in the sun.  It was beautiful.


While the water looked warm…it was not.  Here’s a picture of George when he first felt it:


Umm, yeah. It was cold.  He is also a big baby.  But I’m proud to say that we both made it into the water by the end of the trip…and it wasn’t that bad.  Especially since it was so damn warm out.


Blurry G peacing out.

Oh and G found a sand heart for me!


So romantic.

I miss the narrow, colorful streets of Salema.


And the cats!


Doesn’t that cat look just like Bing?!  And there were kittens too!



When I first saw the cats, I was a little sad because they lived outside.  BUT, in Salema, the people take care of the cats.  The fishermen give them fish and people give them scraps of food or buy food for them at the market.  I loved it.  The cats own the place!

One night, we went to a “jam session” with a our friends, Scott and Jo Alice.  None of us knew what to expect and it turned out to be a lot of fun!!


We all had instruments.  There were a few guitarists and the rest of us picked up percussion instruments.  All of us sang.  Oh and I played the shruti box.


It’s a box with these buttons or knobs that you can move and they change the tone.  I don’t really know, all I had to do was open and close the back part of it.

This was not the only jam session we had that week.  The following night, Scott and Jo Alice hosted a party and there was more guitar playing and seeing.  Very fun!  I think that was to warm us up for karaoke on Friday night.  While I love karaoke, I’d never actually participated.


Until that night.  I sang ABBA’s Dancing Queen, Salt ‘n Peppa’s Push It (only because Shoop was not an option…and I learned that I don’t know the words to Push It) and for my grand finale…Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.  Seriously, so much fun.

Time to plan a return trip.

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    I like! Where is the “Like” button when you need it?

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