It’s been a busy few weeks and I have so much to share!  But first, a belated Happy Halloween! And welcome to November!

Last night, G and I headed to my brother’s for pizza and trick-or-treating.  My sister’s family went as minions:

Halloween 5

With the addition of a vampire (Jamison’s mom).

Kai was batman and Kaz was a dragon!

Halloween 3

Kennedy refused to wear her hat, so G put it on.  I borrowed Jamison’s eyeball for a few minutes too.


That’s the best picture we’ve taken in years!

G spent most of the night acting as chauffeur for Kennedy.

Halloween 2

He carried her from house to house and dropped her off at the door so she could get a piece of candy.  After a few drop offs and pick ups, Kennedy started to love her chauffeur.  She’d go to the door with the other kids, get a piece of candy, turn around, walk a few steps and say “George, I’m ready” and George would pick her up and take her to the next house.  It was pretty damn cute!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!

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