A Major Milestone

Last week, on July 31, 2014, my little baby dog…


TURNED 14!!!


He’s had quite an eventful life thus far.  He’s lived in Washington, Oregon and California (the West Coast is the best coast).  He survived my poor decision to attend law school, my extra-poor decision to take bar exams in two states, having George as a father, and even a few cat-siblings!


(OMFG, I miss Jack’s mohawk haircut.)

  Best dog ever.


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2 Responses to A Major Milestone

  1. Daniel Andrist says:

    I hope he got a party with cake! Until I get your other recipe done, here’s one for Jack.

  2. I love Jack! My dog is 14 too. I love her terribly and horribly, even though she keeps pooping in the house, poor girl. Hugs to Jack.

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