Five Months

As of August 1, 2014, I’ve worked my part-time pizza delivery job for five months!  Did I ever think I’d last this long?  Umm, no.  I was actually shocked when I reported for work the first night (and each night for about a month).  And it’s amazing to me that so many people have quit and been fired and I’m the one who’s still showing up!  Go me or maybe I’m the idiot.

Anyway, I’ve learned a lot about working as a driver.  When I applied for the job, I had no idea I’d have to do everything.  I don’t know if it’s like this for delivery drivers at all restaurants, but I make pizzas, carry food out to customers, take orders, fill the salad bar, bus tables, ref laser tag and do a f*ckton of dishes.


I took that picture last night.  I’m normally scheduled to close on Friday and Saturday nights.  On those nights, it’s not unusual for me to do dishes for 3 or 4 hours straight.  I really f*cking hate it.  Well, I don’t hate it, but I hate it when I’m still washing dishes at 2:00 am…like I was last night.  I had no idea that delivery drivers had to do so much crap.  Just about every night I ask to be promoted to “driver-only.”  So far, no promotion.

As for tipping, there is still no rhyme or reason.  I’ve found that I’m more likely to get a 20% tip on a $20-$25 order than on a larger order.  BUT, I have received a 10 cent tip on a $17 order.  And yes, that pissed me off.  I don’t care if you want to round up to the next dollar…I’d rather get nothing than 10 f*cking cents…you f*cking @sshole.  No hard feelings, though.

One thing that helped me make it 5 months is that I switched my work schedules so I always have Sunday and Monday off…from both jobs.  That helped so much.  Although, it is a bit weird starting my weekend when everyone else is getting ready to go back to work.  Whatever, it’s working.  For now.

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1 Response to Five Months

  1. Daniel Andrist says:

    Yea, the dishes/pans are a bitch. I always hated the floor mopping afterwards the most. I did not know that “drivers” got to do so much cool stuff. Hang in there, as my Uncle Bob told me years ago after pearl diving at the TClub late one night, “that’s splendid, we will be able to say we knew you when!”
    Oil paint on the edges of your patch of blue is dry, and I like it finished and vertical. Glad you liked what you saw in it. When the signature is dry I’ll see about getting everything together to send. I haven’t forgotten your recipe request, it’s just that my ’round-to-its seem to be misplaced.
    Cheers! Uncle Daniel

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