Fluffy White Frosting and an Idiot on the Beach

First things first: FOOD!!!  Here’s the recipe for Fluffy White Frosting!

Recipe 3

I don’t know if taking a picture of the recipe works, but let me know if you can’t read something.  Oh and if you need to be reminded of what this frosting looks like:


Umm, yeah.

On a completely unrelated note, George is spending the week in L.A.  While I’m enjoying every single minute of freedom crying in Portland, he’s tagging me (on Facebook) in pictures like this:


What an idiot.

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1 Response to Fluffy White Frosting and an Idiot on the Beach

  1. Lea Kear says:

    G needs a refresher on the dictionary definition of “with” for all that tagging:
    “with preposition \ˈwith, ˈwith, wəth, wəth\
    —used to say that people or things are together in one place
    —used to say that two or more people or things are doing something together or are involved in something”
    But we really can’t fault him…we all know that G is a supermodel and supermodels aren’t known for reading the dictionary.

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