We Made It To Eight!

On Monday, George and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!


We spent the weekend in San Francisco with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world and I have a ton of pictures to share from the trip.

But first, here’s a picture of G and me from Saturday…just so you can see how much we’ve aged in eight years.


Not too bad, right????  RIGHT?!!!

It’s difficult for me to even begin to tell you about what a great time we had in San Francisco.  SF is one of my favorite cities and I haven’t visited in years because I’m a horrible person.  Almost 20 years.  I know.  So I’ll start with the easy stuff.

The weekend players!


I think this is the only picture I have of everyone together.  We’re (obviously) very bad photographers.  The couples from left to right:  Richard and Candi, the idiots, and Uncle Daniel and Mack.  I’ve known Candi and Uncle Daniel since birth…they went to college with my Dad.  I feel bad for them.  Especially after Daniel told me stories about what it was like to be roommates with my Dad.  Fortunately for them, because they knew my Dad, they got to hang out with this cool chick:


Yes, that’s me.  Daniel hauled out a bunch of old photos while we visited and this was one of them.  There were about 1,000 photos of me that looked completely offensive so I like to think this is how Daniel and Candi think of me.

Daniel taught me everything I know about baking and he had a weekend of cooking and baking lined up for us.  It was amazing.


And I have about 200 pictures of us putting that bad-boy cake together.  I’ll share those later.  That was the anniversary cake and George and I were nice and actually shared it with everyone!!

Oh and we had birthday celebration for this lady princess too!


Did I mention it was also gorgeous while we were there?


Well, it was.

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4 Responses to We Made It To Eight!

  1. It doesn’t look like you’ve aged at all! Best wishes to both of you.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a great trip, I’m dying to go down to SF!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more!

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