San Francisco!!

We are still alive and in San Francisco this weekend!  George and I packed in the same bag so I had my own personal bag boy!


And this is the view from my Uncle Daniel and Mack’s place:


Unbelievable. And I already told them we’re moving in.


Wouldn’t you want to live with us?!!

We went to farmer’s market at the Ferry Building this morning.


And I ate about 1,000 pounds of free samples.  Most of it was fruit, but dang!

Oh and George is soooo ready for the Gay Pride Parade tomorrow!


Hope you are all well and having a great weekend!

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2 Responses to San Francisco!!

  1. says:

    I sent Gernot the links to the other blogs, he has read them all and I guess more. Have an incredible time, wish I were there.

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