The Big 5-3

Last Sunday, G turned 53!!  Wow.  We didn’t have any big plans, just spent the day together (which is pretty rare these days) and went out to dinner that night.

George has never been to a fondue restaurant so I made reservations at Urban Fondue in Northwest Portland.


We decided to order the “fondue experience,” which comes with a cheese fondue, two entrees, a side and a dessert fondue.  Incredible.  I didn’t take pictures of all the food, but it was all really good.  We ordered the brie and gorgonzola fondue to start:


I could have eaten 10 pounds of that stuff.

And because it was G’s birthday, they made him a little dessert plate!


So we had a chocolate fondue and they gave him a little dish of cheesecake fondue as well.  Pretty damn nice.

It was also a good appetizer for G’s dessert when we got home:


A giant cheesecake.  Surprisingly, G survived eating the cheesecake (minus the 2 pieces that I ate) within a 24-hour period.  We better watch out or he may not make it to his 54th birthday.

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3 Responses to The Big 5-3

  1. Happy Birthday George! I can’t believe he is 53, doesn’t look it at all!

  2. he does NOT look 53. AT ALL. WOW. :]

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