Easter Photo Blast, Part One

I took way too many photos last weekend so I’m going to share them in a few posts.  I had a very busy Easter weekend that included a great visit with a very good friend (Hi Candi!!) and a big family meet-up on Sunday.  We’re not a religious family (at least not most of us) so Easter just gives us another reason to get together and eat a lot of food!

Before leaving to meet up with the family, I got to have an awkward conversation with a neighbor!!  She was leaving for church and asked me if G and I went to church.  My answer, “No.”  And then there was a very awkward silence where she just stared at me.  I didn’t know what to say.  Maybe I should have said, “I prefer to be a sinner and look forward to going to hell.”  But she’s my next door neighbor so I didn’t.  I finally said “Well, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day!”  OMFG.

On a completely different note, look at the pretty tree in our front yard:


(I’m dying to paint the trim on our house black this summer…I hate the brown on brown theme.  And those big discolored spots in the yard are from the trees/stumps we had removed last fall.  G just reseeded them so we hope to have grass soon!)

I just love the pink flowers!





I’m not a big fan of Peeps (that doesn’t mean I won’t eat them), but everyone seems to love them…especially kids.


They’re also a very easy cupcake decoration.  I also used almond M&Ms.


Easy and festive.

My mom and Tim are getting ready to sell their house (and move closer to the rest of us, yay!!) so we had to do a lot of sorting while we were there.  I “helped” by hanging out with this chick:


We have a good time together.  I pulled her around in the wagon for about an hour.  And Toya and Elijah joined us in another wagon.


Those daredevils went down the road.


Kennedy and I…did not.

Elijah got the raw end of the deal and pulled Toya back up the hill!


And then he needed to rest.


He did a good job helping out, though.


I love the one dreadlock standing straight up on his head!

After all this fun, Kennedy and I needed to rest a little.


We still had to dye eggs and do an Easter egg hunt!

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  1. i love the photos, especially the one of the pink flowers and the trees along the road. and the last one… so sweet. :]

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