Pleasantly Attractive

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m still working the pizza delivery job.  I worked tonight and it was pretty much the same as usual.  I went on my last delivery around 8:45 or so.  It’s always kind of interesting to see who orders pizza.

So I showed up at this apartment and I can hear a guy inside.  I knock on the door, he says “Burritos?”  Umm, no.  I say “Pizza.”  He opens the door and I give him the credit card slip to fill out.  It takes him about 5 minutes to figure it out and I’m about 95% sure he was high.  A lot of high people order pizza.  It makes me laugh.  Anyway, after he figured out the credit card slip, he asks me about my night.  I say something like “It’s been good, it stopped raining.”

He says, “you’re pleasantly attractive for a pizza guy.”  I laughed.  What in the f*ck does that even mean?!!  Apparently, this is what pleasantly attractive looks like:


(I took that picture when I got back from that delivery.)

Considering I feel like I’m 100 years old when I work this job, I’ll take “pleasantly attractive” from a complete (and possibly very high) stranger.

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4 Responses to Pleasantly Attractive

  1. haha I think I’d like to deliver pizzas too just to see who would come to the door!!

  2. Steve says:

    FYI, to a huge majority of Americans (yes, you can read that either way), EVERYbody looks more attractive when they’re bringing you pizza!

  3. Carmelle's Treasures says:

    Love it! In my area I’d probably be greeted with a badge, gun and surveillance cameras. LOL

  4. huntingchef says:

    Booooyaaaaa Boooooyyyyy

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