The Shiny Hiney and Some Adorable Babies

A few months ago, my sister and her husband purchased a company called The Shiny Hiney.  It’s a cloth diapering company and they have a pretty cute logo!


A few weeks ago, they had a photo/video shoot with a bunch of babies.


That’s Cooper, Ella, Kennedy and Kaz.  Such a cute bunch!




The baby of the bunch was Ella:


She had a few meltdowns, but held her own as the token white kid!


And Cooper (on the left) won the award for best baby model.  He didn’t care what was going on, he was into it.  Totally into it.


And as long as we were handing out cookies, Kaz stayed focused.


Even though Kai is too old for diapers, he watched the entire thing and even managed to get in a few photos!


Those dang kids are too cute!  It was a lot of fun to watch the babies (and parents) run around and then to watch the babies start screaming and/or fighting.  I found it hilarious and can’t wait for the next photo shoot!

If you’re interested in using cloth diapers (or know someone that might be) check out the The Shiny Hiney.

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2 Responses to The Shiny Hiney and Some Adorable Babies

  1. shappy94 says:

    Did I ever tell you when I was growing up in Oregon my parents also owned a cloth diaper delivery company. Must be an Oregonian thing.

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