So Festive!

So it’s December 1st (wow) and I’m so happy to report that, after ten years, George and I finally hung stockings…


(Don’t ask about the M&M LOVE sign…I won it at a Zumba party.  And of course, G loves it.)

And we (read: I) put up our tree!!!  I bought gold, silver and bronze ornaments years ago (on sale) and we’ve stored ever since.  I’m so happy we kept them, but I also wanted to make my own ornaments.  I found this recipe for Salt Dough Ornaments on Pinterest.  I love that you only need two ingredients (and water):




I have a bunch of holiday cookie cutters, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple so I only used four.


And the final result!





And it looks beautiful from outside when the blinds on the window are up.  I’ll have to take a picture.

Happy Decorating!

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2 Responses to So Festive!

  1. Pearl/Candicoe says:

    Looks great Marni. Happy holidays. Are you having your wreath making gathering? xoxo Pearl

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