Cake, Cupcakes and Presents!

So little Kennedy had a big, old birthday celebration!


And I’m pretty sure she loved every single minute of it.

Everyone Kennedy opened her presents after we ate dinner.  It was pretty chaotic because ALL the kids wanted to “help.”



My mom knit an adorable sweater.  It has a lion on the front:


And “ROAR!!” on the back:


So cute.

After the presents, we got the cake ready.  Emily and Jamison got a little bundt cake for Kennedy, a sheet cake for the rest of us and I made cupcakes too!  You can never have too many desserts, right?!!!



Em shoved Kennedy in the high chair and we all gathered ‘round to sing Happy Birthday!


I think George was singing too loudly because it was distracting Kennedy:



Kennedy wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cake, but once Em gave her bite she knew she needed to dive right in.



And I love this one of the whole family!


Still going balls to the wall.  She makes me so proud!

After tearing apart her cake, she put on her crown and waved at the paparazzi:


Too funny.

After letting the kids eat pounds of sugar, they decided it was time to rip apart our house!!!  YAY….not really.

The kids usually end up in our office.  I think it’s because they can be away from the adults.  Well, we have our old memory foam top (that I hope to turn into a headboard) in there.  The kids loved it!


It was nicely folded before the party started.   Oh well.

And they also gave each other rides on the harp cart:


It seems like only yesterday that my cousins and my brother and sister were doing the same exact thing.  And that’s why we took pictures.

We had so much fun and Kennedy’s 1st birthday was a huge success.  Julia even gave George a big hug before she left!


And she’s usually terrified of him!  Which is understandable as it looks like George’s forearm is larger than her body.

Kennedy and I had a more difficult time getting a picture together:




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1 Response to Cake, Cupcakes and Presents!

  1. alex says:

    looks like a perfect party!! great idea to get her a little bundt cake!

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