A Little Warmth

Two posts, two days in a row!!!  Wow.  Anyway, this one is about my hair.  It’s been pretty boring lately and I haven’t had it done since early August.  This is how I showed up for my appointment on Friday:


I always make sure my makeup’s on when I go to the hair stylist because can’t stand to stare at myself with a naked face for two hours.  Gross.  Please tell me you do this too.  Makeup makes the whole thing a bit more bearable.  Anyway, per usual my hair looked like a total disaster when I got there.


It really needed to be trimmed and the grow-out looked a bit gray.  Lovely.

I wanted to lighten it up a bit and do ombré (again).  I took about a billion pictures after I got it done and this weird one shows the color the best:


The ends are light and there are light pieces around my face too.  I’m interested to see what it looks like straight so I’ll probably flatiron it today.  I’m going to do some pumpkin carving so it’s imperative that my hair looks good.  Anyway, I love the change and I really like the warmer brown color.

Next time, I’ll probably go with jet black or platinum…and that’s why Ally (my hairstylist) hates me!  Too bad, so sad.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

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2 Responses to A Little Warmth

  1. Love this color on you!

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