Still Here!!!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog.  Nothing’s going on, I’ve just been busy, lazy, tired and not really in a blogging mood.

Anyway, I’m back…at least for the next few days.  And it’s time to catch up.  A family member met a milestone a few weeks ago:


Nope, not Kennedy.


Not Kai either.


And not me or George.

It was Kaz’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!


He was so embarrassed by all of us wearing hats, he wouldn’t even open his eyes.  Dang kid.

His wonderful parents made sushi for all of us!!


So pretty!

Kaz got his own banana cupcake thing:


And he was actually so excited about it, he agreed to open his eyes!



The rest of us pigged out on this bad boy:


So we only have one baby left…


And she’s ready to PAR-TAY!

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