Eye Twin and an Accent Wall

Just got back from a weekend in Seattle where I was hanging out with my favorite eye twin, Bella:


Usually Bella only takes pictures with George…


But since I was there by myself she was forced to take pictures with me.  Now that I’ve realized we’re eye twins, George doesn’t get to take pictures with Bella anymore.

Anyway, I was up in Seattle for one of my very, very best friend’s baby shower!!  Joy is having Bundle of Joy #2!!


And she’s having a boy…yay!  Okay, enough dumb baby talk.  You’ve all seen pictures of Joy’s house (if you haven’t…go look at them now, the house is incredible).  And she’s still putting some finishing touches on it.  I was excited to see what she’s done with the guest room:


When I first saw the back wall, I thought it was wallpaper.  When I found out it’s a f*cking stencil I was sure that Joy hired out to get it done.


But no, apparently Joy is completely psychotic and spent hours upon hours stenciling that herself.  You can’t see the colors that well, but the wall is a light grey color and the stripe is a bold, dark blue.  And it looks absolutely amazing!

I’ll be back with more from the trip later…HOPE YOU ALL HAD AN AMAZING WEEK AND WEEKEND!!!

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6 Responses to Eye Twin and an Accent Wall

  1. Are you kidding me!?!! Joy stenciled that wall! She’s crazy and amazing!

  2. Wow! She did an amazing job. I never realized how pretty your eyes are until I thought of you as a cat.

  3. alex says:

    Joy looks great! I can’t believe she did that wall herself!!!! She’s crazy! Looks awesome! I need her to come over to my place!

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