Food and Family

Get ready, this is a long one.  Don’t worry, though, there are a ton of pictures.

Today, I’m pretty busy preparing for another family get together at my mom’s tomorrow.  And yes, I’m still writing about last Saturday’s party.  Guess I’m just a little bit behind.

Once people started to arrive, we started eating!!!



We had some great appetizer-y stuff including jalapeno popper dip, onion dip, chips, cheese and crackers, salsa and edamame.  It was pretty amazing.

We all chatted for a while:




Jack was on his very, very best behavior:


He’s also wearing his summer outfit of very, very short hair.  Unfortunately, there’s no mohawk this year…Jack says he’s too old for it.

It didn’t take long before the kids were bored with all of us older idiots so I set them up in the office with a movie.


(Umm, on top of the file cabinet is the penis ashtray I got from Lea last year.  I probably should have put that away before the kids got here.  I’m such a good sister/aunt.)

Before too long, it was time to stuff our faces MORE!!!

We decided to have a light lunch of ribs and macaroni and cheese.


Dad and I made the ribs and my cousin, Kyle, made the mac & cheese.  Both were gone by the end of the party.

We set up an extra table for the sides and the appetizers, which worked out great because we still had plenty of seating around the table and on the couch.




Kennedy just started crawling so she was trying to show off:


I hung out with Kaz for a little bit, too!


And then he passed out.


Or maybe he just couldn’t stand looking at his grandma with Kennedy.


Don’t worry, Kaz, I totally get it.

Because we hadn’t had enough cake the night before, we got more cake for my uncle’s birthday!




After stuffing our faces so much more than we should, I thought it was a perfect time for a family photo shoot.  Here’s the rundown:

Taylor (cousin of my cousins), cousin Ryan, Aunt Judi, Uncle Keith, cousin Kyle and his girlfriend, Lauren.


OMG, I don’t think I can explain the next one.


I’ll try.  From left to right: my dad, Jon (his partner), Carlos (my…brother), brother Jeff (holding Kaz), George (I don’t know who invited him), ME, nephew Kai, niece Kennedy, sister Emily, Jamison (Em’s husband), Mitsuo and Seiko (Tomoe’s parents), niece Toya and Tomoe (sister-in-law).  Wow.

Here’s my dad with Jeff’s family:


My dad and his sister…in their typical pose:


Seriously, this is how they always pose for pictures.  They are basically 5 years old.

The cousins:


OMG…do you see that creepy photobomber???

DSC03767 (2)

I don’t know he scares me or makes me proud.

Last, but not least, Em’s family…or part of it because Elijah couldn’t make it:


Kennedy got really excited for her turn…this is what happened next:


That kid is amazing.

Okay, that’s it.  Time to get on with my Friday and get ready for another family brawl tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!!!

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