Yesterday afternoon, these guys arrived at our house:


Well, everyone except for Star, the dog.  That’s right, my Dad, Jon and Carlos are in town staying with us!!

They are our first real houseguests ever.  And having them stay with us has kind of forced us to get things a bit more organized.  So here are a few more pictures of the house!

The guest room:


Okay, it’s not the whole guest room, just the bed.  But it’s nice enough, right?  There is also small desk in the room.

Carlos is staying in the office, which is actually a bigger bedroom than the guest room.


Pretty sad, right?  Up until last week, that portion of the room was full of boxes.  Completely full of boxes.  Yeah, I know.  We didn’t get everything unpacked, but we made a lot of progress:


As you can see, we still have boxes under the table.  Oh well.

And here’s the guest bathroom:



Small, but functional.  And new, which we absolutely love.

That’s the end of the tour (for now).  If we ever get the master bedroom put together, I’ll do a post about that too.

In the meantime, we’re getting ready for a taco feed tonight.  Oh and we’re trying to convince this girl that life’s more fun when you crawl around:


Although, I’m not sure I would crawl toward those two either.

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