The Punch Card

A few weeks ago, maybe a little longer, my friend, Jon, had surgery on his ankle.  You remember Jon, right?


Yes, that idiot.

Okay, so he had ankle surgery and he was unable to drive for weeks.  The cool part was that he got to ride around on a scooter.  G even tried it out!


Thankfully, he didn’t break his face.

Anyway, the point is that Jon wasn’t able to drive and, in order to get people to drive him around, he came up with this “punch card” idea.  The idea was that if someone did 3 favors for him, they would earn a meal.  Pretty cool, right?  Once I found out about this I was more than happy to play chauffeur.  I love free food.  Although, I probably would have driven him around for nothing…but don’t tell him that.

When I had one more punch left on my punch card, Jon said that I didn’t have to get food, but that I could choose how I wanted to redeem it.  I could even get nail polish!!!!!!

So on Wednesday we went to one of my favorite places:



And that’s when sh*t got real.  Jon said I could spend $20…he really is too generous (but I didn’t tell him that, for obvious reasons).

I went straight for the nail polish.


Ulta’s Salon Nail Lacquer was on sale for $2 each and I also had a coupon for $3.50 off a $10 purchase.


Obviously, the only option was to get 12!!!  Aren’t they pretty?!  Jon gave me the extra 50 cents too so I really lucked out.

And I took them back to work and admired them the rest of the day.


And now, I’m sporting this new color:


That’s Maine Attraction.  Love it!

Thanks Jon!!  The punch card was probably the best idea you’ll ever have.

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3 Responses to The Punch Card

  1. Candi Coe says:

    Color and eyes match.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. What a nice guy to do that for the people who help him. Have fun with the nail colors.

  3. Tyly says:

    What a nice guy, and your nails look great! I love your watch, as well.

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