24 Hours of Camping, Part Three

You’re probably all bored because you’re still reading (maybe hate-reading) about the camping trip.  Don’t worry, this will be my last post about it.

After dinner on Saturday night, it was time for s’mores!!



The kids were soooo excited.  Especially Sylvia.  It was her first time roasting marshmallows and I think it took her about 10 minutes to get her marshmallow brown.



But it was worth the wait.  We all had about 8 billion s’mores so it was perfect.

And these guys mostly laughed at us:


We didn’t stay up that late and most of us went to bed once it got dark out.  Because I was residing with the parents, I went to bed shortly after they did.  Want to see my cool bed?


Fancy!  I still used two sleeping bags (zipped together) and laid them on the pull-out couch.  It worked pretty well, except that there was basically no room in the trailer with the bed pulled-out.



And yes, there’s cr@p all over the place…that’s what happens when 175 people are going in and out of it all day long.  Oops.  Sorry Mom and Tim!

On Sunday morning we decided to do some nail painting:


Sylvia came up with the color scheme herself.  I’m starting to really like that girl!  She also showed off her new tattoo:


She’s so bad @ss that she still had remnants of an old tattoo on her arm.  Wow.

And then we ate pancakes!!!!


Courtesy of Tim!  Thanks Tim!!

So that’s the end of the 24 hours of camping.  Hope you enjoyed it at least 1% as much as we did!

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  1. Every child needs a beaver tattoo.

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