24 Hours of Camping, Part Two

We got everything set up when we first arrived so we had plenty of time to totally f*ck around be productive.  Sylvia brought a jewelry making kit so we got that out first:


She made herself a necklace:


Jeni made some earrings and they made a necklace for Jon too:


Sylvia was even nice enough to make Tim a little something:


It’s always important to show off your guns.

After jewelry making, JJS, Tim and Max walked down to the river.  Sylvia loved throwing the ball for Max.



While they were gone, I stayed at the campsite with my mom.  Not surprisingly, I did nothing while they were gone.  Oh wait, I did start heating up the chicken I’d made the day before.  Perfect.

Dinner was amazing too.  I made chicken soft tacos and Jeni made an incredible salad.  Look at how healthy it looks!


And it was good.


After dinner, Jeni spent a long time trying to steal Kennedy:


Jon was even encouraging that craziness.


Idiots.  And I must say that I’m a little disappointed in Kennedy.  Her standards are getting lower and lower every day.

Stay tuned for Part Three tomorrow!

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