I spent the day prepping.  Prepping for a day of camping and prepping to host guests next Saturday.  I’m meeting up with some of the family to camp tomorrow.  They’ve been camping since Wednesday night at a campground we went to last year.  Remember when George and Natalie got matching tattoos?


Unfortunately, George has to work all weekend so he won’t be joining me.  Fortunately, I’ve convinced some friends to come with me so I’ll still have someone to torture.  The camping crowd will be a bit different, but it will be fun to see if my family scares my friends so much that we’re no longer friends!

Anyway, this morning started out with a few cups of coffee:


Is it weird that I don’t drink coffee when I work, but I almost always drink coffee on the weekend?  Maybe that’s why I get nothing done when I’m at work.  Hmm.

After coffee, I threw some chicken, taco seasoning and salsa into the crockpot:


I let that cook for about 6 hours and then shredded the chicken.  Now it’s ready for chicken soft tacos tomorrow night and all I have to do is heat it up.

While the chicken cooked, I went through our office and unpacked a billion boxes.  There are still about 1/2 a billion boxes left, but at least we can fit another bed in there.  I didn’t take any pictures, but when I have everything set up I’ll take pictures (and I might even post them too).

Then tonight, I made some no-bake cookies.



Eating Camping is going to be so much fun!


Although I’ll miss seeing George try to burn his face off.

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