The Art Show

My niece, Toya, went to an art camp for a week and yesterday there was an art show.  I picked up these two ladies on my way:


And then we found Toya at camp.


I love that Kennedy’s learning to smile when the camera’s out.  It’s really hilarious.

After we met up with Toya, she took us around the camp to show us what she’s been working on.  It was a beautiful day and so nice to walk around.


We went to the ceramics building first.


Toya made a cup,


a tile,


And a U.F.O.


I would love to go to this camp…even now!  It’s pretty cool.

After checking out her creations, we packed them up and went to the photography building.


The kids’ photos were posted on the wall for everyone to see.  It was pretty interesting to see what some of them had done.


Again, I would have loved this.  Kennedy, however, was not that impressed:


She has really high standards.

Before we left, I forced Toya to take a picture with me:


Pretty perfect!

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