More Pops

As you may have guessed, things have been a bit busy around here.  With working, babysitting and acting as a part-time chauffeur there just hasn’t been a lot of time.  I don’t know how you moms and dads out there do it.  More power to you!!!

Anyway, on Wednesday night, I stayed up late to make cake pops.  Yes, more cake pops.  A few of my coworkers retired this week and yesterday was their last day in the office.  We decided to have a little dessert table to send them off.

I love to watch movies while I bake, so I turned on one of my favorites.


Office Space!!!  It reminds of my job so much it’s disturbing. It was a good choice considering I was making cake pops for work.

I did everything the same as last time, except that I used a few different colors, white cake and vanilla frosting.  So I guess everything was different, except the process.  Whatever.  It got dark out before I was done so my pictures aren’t that great (not that they ever are).




I think they turned out great.  Everyone at work loved them (or I didn’t hear from the people that hated them).  And of course, I used the extra chocolate to make a little treat for George:



I’m off to an art show this afternoon.  Toya’s been in art camp all week so it should be interesting to see what she’s created.  She also asked me to bake something so I’ll probably make a quick batch of brownies (from a box) before I go.


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