A Little Pink

On Saturday I went to a housewarming brunch for one of my coworkers.  The brunch was a potluck and (obviously) I wanted to bring a dessert.  But I also wanted to bring a pretty dessert.


I switched them up and used chocolate cake for the inside:


Those indentations are there because I was making sure the cake was cool…before I did this to it:


There’s something so satisfying about turning the cake into crumbs.

I added chocolate frosting and started making cake balls.  The best part was that I downloaded the HBO Go app on our iPad so I could watch Magic Mike!!!



That iPad stand has turned out to be a very good purchase!

I got white chocolate melts (out of the bulk bins) and added a bit of pink food coloring to make the chocolate a soft pink.


After the pink chocolate hardened up, I put a white swirly thing on top.


Not perfect, not fancy, but I like the way the white looks.  Here’s the “bouquet” I took to the party:



I had quite a bit of pink chocolate left after making the cake pops, so I make these adorable snacks:



Cute, right?!  And you really can’t beat that salty-sweet combination.

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2 Responses to A Little Pink

  1. shannon says:

    I’m going to have to try and make cake pops, you make them look so easy 🙂 and pretty!

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