Like most new homeowners, we have a to-do list that’s about a million miles long.  We have some major things to do (like build a fence, buy a shed for the backyard and landscape the entire backyard), but those things are going to have to wait…unless I get better at prostituting George out on the weekend.

Anyway, on Sunday George and did a little project.  Remember how we got this flag a couple of years ago?


Jeez…that chick is so inappropriate.

Sooooooo, we got to our new house and we needed to hang our dang flagpole!  We borrowed a drill from my sister and G felt super manly:


After yelling at each other for a few hours minutes, G managed to drill the flag holder into the column!


He works so hard.


Doesn’t it look pretty??

And, just FYI, the “Welcome” part is kind of deceiving.  Ninety-eight percent of the time I won’t answer the door if you knock on it.

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