Bing Has A Girlfriend

Bing’s had a hard time adjusting to our move.  He really enjoyed our old backyard and all the creatures it had to offer.



He was king.

Well, when we moved, he was totally freaked out.  And it took some time before he even wanted to go outside.  He mostly hid in our mattress box spring.  And then we let him go outside and he ended up in this:


We think he got in a fight with a raccoon or a squirrel, but we’re not sure.  Anyway, after recovering inside for a few weeks, he’s back outside being a monster.


AND he’s made a friend!!


That’s Holly.  She lives next door and she is so dang nice I tried to adopt her when I thought she was a stray.  Oops.


I think she wants to marry Bing.  I just hope Bing doesn’t knock her up…I’m too young to be a grandmother.

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